Pool Closings


That time of the year to winterize your swimming pool is approaching. It’s not early. Contact us now and schedule your closing day.

We’re offering our professional winterizing at a competitive FLAT RATE of $350

Any pool size! All chemicals included!


  • Test the water chemistry
  • Lower water to proper winterization level
  • Vacuum the pool thoroughly
  • Backwash Sand filter. Manually clean D.E. and Cartridge filter
  • Remove and store skimmer baskets, cleaner, and wall fittings
  • Blow out pipes and plug lines and add antifreeze
  • Add winter algaecide
  • Disassemble and store ladders, handrails, sweeper, etc
  • Put on owner’s pool cover
  • Issue a report


Please leave pool cover, plugs, and any winterizing items available for our technicians on your scheduled date.

*New customers. Personal checks price. Area restrictions may apply. Can’t be combined with other offers. Spa is extra